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Ride Guide : Hudson Valley, New Paltz to Staten Island
by Daniel Goldfischer

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Review - The publisher, Anacus Press, April 16, 1998 (Cover Copy )
Dan Goldfischer has biked the lower Hudson Valley since his youth and has written about cycling in the area since 1985. This second edition of his definitive guide book of the area reveals Dan's knowledge of the bicycle routes in this beautiful valley and his passion for biking. He describes exciting routes in clear, easy-to-follow directions. This new edition has been expanded to cover the Hudson Valley as far north as New Paltz, and as far south as a route beginning in New Jersey, extending to Staten Island, then through Manhattan and back to New Jersey via the George Washington Bridge. It includes three rides that begin in New Jersey; four that are wholly or partially in Connecticut, and four off-road rides. For New York City dwellers without cars there are directions to the routes using MetroNorth. All of the routes have been brought up to date and new routes added for a total of twenty-nine rides. Each is completely described turn-by-turn and accompanied by a map.

The Traveler's Guide to the Hudson River Valley : From Saratoga Springs to New York City
by Tim Mulligan, Stan Skardinski (Illustrator)

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Book Description
"Perpetually interesting," Henry James said of the history-rich Hudson, and so it is, with the stunning Catskill Mountains, the brooding intensity of the Hudson Highlands, the greatest city in the world at its mouth -- and an extraordinary bounty of things to see and do along the way. Now in its third revised edition, Tim Mulligan's engaging guidebook (formerly titled The Hudson River Valley: A History and Guide) provides invaluable, up-to-the-minute suggestions on how best to enjoy the region's treasures:
-- Ponies and performing arts at Saratoga
-- Old Masters at the exquisite Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, Early American master-works and paintings of the Hudson River school at the Albany Institute of Art, furniture and handcrafts at the Shaker Museum in Old Chatham, and natural history at the Museum of the Hudson Highlands
-- Walking and driving tours of historic Hudson, Kingston, Cold Spring, and Nyack, and the rolling farmland of Dutchess and Columbia counties
-- A celebrated view from the site of the once-famed Catskill Mountain House
-- Kykuit, the lovely Rockefeller estate, now open to the public for the first time plus
-- Dozens of bed and breakfasts, inns, restaurants, and antique shops recommended by those who know the Valley best -- the people who live there.

Let's Take the Kids! : Great Places to Go With Children in New York's Hudson Valley
by Mary Barile, Joanne Michaels

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Praised by NEW YORK magazine, and now fully updated and revised, this all-season guide lists hundreds of family activities for an afternoon, a weekend, or a whole week in 16 Hudson Valley counties, organized by region with detailed entries, including special events for kids ages 2 to 12.

The Hudson River Valley Cookbook : A Leading American Chef Savors the Region's Bounty
by Waldy Malouf, Molly Finn (Contributor)

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Long celebrated for its beauty and rich cultural history, the Hudson River Valley, with its magnificent waterways and mountains, once inspired the early Indian and American settlers as well as the Roosevelts and Vanderbilts. In his stunning culinary debut, Chef Waldy Malouf provides more than 200 recipes that embrace the region's extraordinary variety of produce, game, fish, and dairy products.

Hudson Valley Tales and Trails
by Patricia Edwards Clyne

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Amazon Travel Editor's Recommended Book
I can't say this is something I've thought since I was 9, but this book actually makes me want to take my next vacation in New York State. Stories about Tom Quick the Avenger, Mark Twain on the Hudson, the Ramapo Cowboy and "Mad" Anthony Wayne bring the place alive in way that my childhood visit to Fort Henry never did. The stories are fascinating no matter where you read them, but Clyne's tales make a few weeks wandering around the Hudson, book in hand, sound quite appealing. --This text refers to the hardcover edition of this title
Guiding the reader toward the best and sometimes strangest day trips in the area, a lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley reviews the region's state parks and historical sites and provides fascinating facts on its woodlands, museums, lighthouses, battlegrounds, and other attractions. 30 photos.

Night Siege : The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings
by J. Allen Hynek, Philip J. Imbrogno, Bob Pratt, J. Allen Hyneck

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Review - Amazon.com
New Year's Eve 1982 marked the beginning of one of the most puzzling UFO cases in recent times: the Hudson Valley "siege." The siege begot over 7,000 sightings of a boomerang-shaped craft or crafts moving silently through the sky over New York and Connecticut between 1982 and 1995. Night Siege is the collaborative effort of Hynek, Imbrogno, and Pratt to report the data gathered from witnesses of this mystifying experience, without speculation of what it might be. If you missed the first edition of Night Siege, this is your chance to delve into the Hudson Valley mystery. If you have read the first edition, you may be interested in the additional data covering sightings from 1986 to 1995, the graphical analysis of the UFO's appearance, and the chronology of the sightings. Aside from the purely factual value of the catalog of reports in Night Siege, its coverage of an undeniable series of events that somehow went largely untouched by the local authorities and the national media invites speculation into the origins of these silent objects. --Brian Patterson
In 1983, just a few miles north of New York City, hundreds of suburbanites were startled to see something hovering in the sky. They described it as a series of flashing lights that formed a "V", as big as a football field, moving slowly and silently. Now, expert UFO investigators reveal the amazing evidence. Considered one of the best researched UFO books to date, NIGHT SIEGE has been revised and expanded with sightings up to 1995.

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